Track Utility Savings with the Solar Savings Graph - Engage

Track Utility Savings with theSolar Savings Graph

With the ENGAGE Solar Savings Graph, you can track estimated savings (green bars), actual savings (blue bars), and actual vs. estimated savings percentage (green line) every month.

The estimated savings is based on your pre-solar grid bill,whilethe estimated solar generation is based on an as-built design derived from the Envision platform. The actual saving numbers are calculated as (bill for solar+estimated grid kWh – bill for estimated grid kWh) based on current tariff, for the January to December cycle usinginformation from a third-party utility rate data provider. As the data calculation requires a minimum of 12 months data for a cycle from January to December, the selected period always has to be from January to December for correct actual saving calculation.

From the top right corner of the graph, the time period can be selected. For the selected period, values for the graph’s components can be downloaded as a .CSV, .PNG or graph image file.

Track Utility Savings