Track Solar Generation with ENGAGE - Engage

Track Solar Generation with ENGAGE


The solar generation graph on the platform shows estimated generation (green bars) and actual generation (blue bars) along with daily average yield (green line) for that particular month.
Monthly estimated generation values are based on the as-built design, derived from the Envision platform. The actual solar generation numbers are received from source of integration, inverter or monitoring systems. The daily average yield number is calculated based on actual generation (kWh),solar system size (kWp), and days of the month.

From the top right corner of the graph, the time period can be selected. For the selected period, values for the graph’s components can be downloaded in CSV, PNG, or SVG format.

The left Y-axis denotes the generation number in kWh. The right Y-axis the daily yield number in kWh/kW.

Lastly, at the bottom of this graphic, the total amount of Actual Generation, Daily Yield, Actual vs. Estimated, as well as CO2 Emission and Trees Saved is displayed, allowing you to visually track all elements of your system’s solar generation.