Solar Panel Maintenance – Cleaning - Engage
Cleaning solar panels is an important task in order to maintain the full efficiency of the solar panel system. Fortunately, they do not require constant cleaning to ward off reduced output and efficiency.

The first thing solar users should do is check with their solar manufacturer, on specific cleaning methods recommended for warranty, this way you know you are properly cleaning your solar panels as intended. In addition, some solar lease agreements will provide some form of panel maintenance. Alongside repair damages, this may include professional solar panel cleaning services.

Solar Panel Maintenance - Cleaning
Hiring a professional solar cleaning company isn’t absolutely necessary. Similar to a car wash, there are options to pay for someone with professional tools and equipment to complete the service.
Solar users can complete the task of cleaning their solar panels with a simple garden hose. The important thing to remember is to not scratch or damage the panels in any way during the cleaning process. Doing so will reduce a panel’s energy production. Remember back to the car wash example. Grabbing a hose and spraying the panels down alongside a soft sponge or cloth is a safe method of cleaning. Avoid using high-pressure water to not cause any potential damage to the panels.
Panels that are tilted may not require as frequent cleaning as panels that are flat. Rain runs down the tilted panels and washes away the debris or dirt. The occasional rainy day is enough at times to maintain clean panels. Keep an eye on solar output to adjust cleaning frequency accordingly.

By installing solar and creating energy, customers will reduce utility bills and repay their investment over time. Tracking their energy savings in comparison to their utility bill before solar is where they will see an immediate return in their investment. The solar process can be confusing but it doesn’t have to be. Visit to learn more about how to get started.

Author: Angelica Cornejo
Communications Intern for ENACT Systems Inc.