Power Flow Graph - Engage

The Power is in Your Hands

Ever wonder how much solar power is generated when it’s a sunny or cloudy day? Or how much power a household is consuming at any given moment? What about how the time of day is affecting solar energy conversion? Now you can get these answers and more with access to your power flow in real-time with ENGAGE’s newest feature: The Power Flow Display.

This animated graphic allows you to track your household power flow, showing details between active and connected components of the system, which may include PV Solar, Grid, Load and Storage. Now you can track how much power the solar panels are generating, how much power is flowing directly to the house, what amount is exported or imported from the grid, and how much is being stored in the battery. In addition, the ENGAGE app aims to provide information on any solar panels, inverters, or batteries regardless of the vendor or hardware installed.
Before diving deeper, here are some key terms to know:

Solar – Rooftop PV solar panels converting sunlight to energy.
Storage – Hardware installed in the form of battery, storing any unused power.
Grid – The electric power grid, provided by local utility companies.
Load – Electric power that is used by the household.

Based on the type of system configuration and measurement available for components, one would be seeing any of the power flow display views below.

To the left is an AC or DC coupled system with Solar, Storage, Grid and Load as the active and measured components. PV Solar supplies to any of the 3 components. The Battery charges from either PV Solar or Grid or discharges to Load or Grid. The Load gets energy from the other 3 components, while the Grid is exported from PV Solar or imported to the Load or Battery.

This is the storage only system with Storage, Grid and Load as the active components measured. Battery charges from Grid or discharges to Load. Load gets energy from either Grid or Storage. Grid imports to the
Load or Battery

Here is the solar only system with Solar, Grid and Load as the active and measured components. PV Solar supplies to the 2 components. Load gets energy from the other 2 components, and Grid gets either exported from Solar or imported to Load.
Lastly, is the Solar only system with Solar, Grid and Load as the active components. Measurement of only Solar is generated here.

Now you can see exactly how your system is working, how much power is flowing in real-time, and constantly be keeping an eye on your systems optimization. With ENGAGE’s Power Flow Display, you will always have the power in your hands