Is Solar a Scam?

Solar is one of the best ways to reduce utility costs. It is an investment that homeowners take to install a solar system in their homes. Some worry if they are getting a return on their investment and if they were scammed of their promised solar savings.
The quick short answer? No solar is not a scam. But how can customers make sure they are getting their money’s worth? Will the promises of savings on utility bills fail to materialize?
Is Solar a Scam?
Taking a look at your utility bills is one of the ways to see if you are reaching your saving goals.
The promised estimated short-term savings in comparison to previous costs vary amongst homeowners. Short-term savings also depend on the electricity bill the customer had before going solar. In areas with high utility rates, customers can immediately see the impact as they are sourcing their energy from solar as their utility bills lower.
Using a tool that leverages the latest utility rate data and actual energy consumption to calculate solar savings is a step towards tracking live savings. One can track Utility Savings with the Solar Savings Graph on the Engage App holding installers responsible for their promised solar performance at signing. That being said, customers do need to be aware of the potential scams that exist within the industry or avoid spam calls from people impersonating government or utility company representatives. How can customers see how much they are saving easily? Engage Solar is a digital solar service for residential and commercial customers that makes solar easy. Visit to learn more about how to get started.
Author: Angelica Cornejo Communications Intern for ENACT Systems Inc.

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