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How it Works

1. Design your System with us

Our experienced energy advisors leverage our software platform powered by satellite-imagery to design your system live on a Zoom call. Choose from any major brand of solar and/or energy storage equipment, and get all of your answers on performance, pricing or savings with zero-obligation for purchase… Yes, this is absolutely complimentary!

If you have solar and/or storage already, we can guide you on upgrading the old system or making changes based on your recent savings. Are you looking to buy an electric vehicle, or planning to buy a new home? – Then this is a great time to connect with us.

2. Finalize your Contract

Once you decide on our system, you can either pay cash or choose from one of our financing partners. Our platform not only predicts your future savings, but also measures it live for the next 25 years. With over 3GW of solar projects designed on ENACT’s platform in 20+ countries, we leverage our data to predict your outcomes better than any other company.

Our installation partner contracts offer 10+ year performance warranty on all projects, along with 25+ year warranty for panels and 10+ year warranty on inverters. We will be your single partner for the entire journey, tracking the process and long-term outcomes.

3. Manage your Savings

Our award-winning ENGAGE App connects to your system live and is able to track not only your solar generation or battery charge levels, but also your actual dollar-savings, which no other solar provider currently provides.

Actual savings from solar or storage depends on your actual consumption, electric rates and live system performance which may be different from projections. With over 3GW of Solar Systems on our platform, we have powerful data that helps achieve reliable results.